Wright’s Orange Cake Mix – 500g


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Wright’s Orange Cake Mix – 500g
A Orange cake mix, using real Orange fruit pieces, with a delicious home made flavour. One pack will make 1x 7/8″ cake or 15 slice traybake or 24 cupcakes or 12 muffins.
Simply add oil and water to create a lovely moist cake. Mix by hand/mixer or bread machine. Only the best quality baker’s flour is used.
To use –  for each 500g bag of mix.  Place 200ml water and 60ml vegetable oil into large mixing bowl. Add cake mix and blend to a smooth batter for 1 min.using electric mixer. (Or blend by hand or hand whisk). Place into lined tin and bake. It really couldn’t be easier!  Simple instructions on pack. 
Cakes will keep well in cool, dry conditions for 5-7 days. Baked product suitable for home freezing.